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Nigel Barlow

Leading Authority on Disruption, Innovation and Transformation

Nigel Barlow is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, author and coach on Innovative Thinking. Recently he has focused on how you can stay human in a digital world. In his keynotes, Nigel helps his audience to "Open their minds to creative re-thinking".

The master of applying innovative thinking to your biggest business challenges

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In detail

Nigel was an Associate Fellow at the Said Business School in Oxford, specialising in Applied Innovation. He has worked with senior groups at many of the world's leading organisations. Nigel is adept at working with multinational groups and also facilitates creative retreats with top teams. He was a founding director of the Tom Peters company in Europe, and currently runs a company helping organisations become not just good, not just excellent, but legendary for service to their customers. Nigel also works with the idea of what he calls "Digicare - how you create the best of human relationships through, and sometimes despite, the new technologies".

What he offers you

Nigel offers a highly memorable and compelling session, which people can apply immediately. Nigel is passionate about tailoring his sessions to specific business challenges and insists on connecting his input to audiences' everyday experience.

How he presents

Nigel is an excellent communicator who ensures that the achievement of business goals is seamlessly woven into the acquisition of fresh attitudes and skills. Nigel's skill is to convey a serious message in a highly entertaining and interactive way. He is a dynamic speaker, favouring the after-lunch spot as a suitable challenge to wake people up.


He presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • Build Your Own Company Garage - How to Accelerate Innovation
  • Disruption and Transformation - What To Do About It
  • Staying Human in a Digital World - The Essential Tools
  • Digicare - Customer Focus in a Time of Digital Transformation
  • Inventing the Future - Through Creative Storytelling
  • The Talent DNA - How to Embed it in Your Organisation
  • Rock Your Presentation or Pitch - How to Sell your Message in an Attention-Deficit World


  • Nigel gave an excellent performance with extremely relevant content. The audience thought he was the best at the conference - Management Accounting Consultants

Books and publications

  • 2020
    Podcast:Learning and Innovation in Times of Crisis
  • 2016
    Rock Your Presentation - A new guide to speaking with passion
  • 2006
    Re-think - How To Think Differently
  • 2000
    Batteries Included! - Creating Legendary Service


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