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Magnus Lindkvist

Trend Spotter Extraordinaire

Magnus Lindkvist is a trendspotter and futurologist who weaves together the most important and exciting current trends to forecast what life, society and business might look like in the future. As a writer, Magnus Lindkvist is driven by a relentless curiosity about our mental space where the outside world collides with the human brain.

"Where the day takes you, that's where you're going"

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In detail

Magnus Lindkvist ranks as one of Sweden's leading international speakers and has been awarded multiple prizes and awards for his achievements. In 2020, together with the music journalist Jan Gradvall, Magnus started the podcast Gradvall+Magnus, in which they discuss music, creativity and the creative process. He has founded and run several companies to help organisations find their way into the future. With his passion for helping businesses to develop, he has also organised training courses to promote a future-focused way of thinking. In 2008, Magnus created the world's first academically accredited course in trendspotting and future thinking at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.

What he offers you

Magnus has been described as brilliant, insanely funny, engaging and utterly professional. With a great sense of comic timing, he energises audiences as he presents the latest trends. He calls his approach "intellectual acupuncture" - but however you label them, Magnus Lindkvist's lectures are unforgettable.

How he presents

Magnus Lindkvist's speeches are a whirlwind of ideas and inspiration that will energise and intellectually refresh listeners using a mix of images, videos, sound and, of course, a world-class delivery of the spoken word.


He presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • Why The Future Begins
  • Attack of The Unexpected 2020's
  • Setting the (future) Scene
  • The World and Your Industry
  • Trendspotting and Futurology
  • Future Possibilities and Possible Futures
  • "Darwinnovation"

Books and publications

  • 2024
    The Dare to be Different Book
  • 2023
    The Reset Book: How to Bounce Back from a Crisis
  • 2016
  • 2013
    When The Future Begins: A guide to long-term thinking
  • 2010
    The Attack of the Unexpected
  • 2009
    Everything We Know Is Wrong: The Invisible Trends That Shape Business, Society and Life


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