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Lawrence Leyton

A Leading Expert on the Psychology of Fear!

Lawrence Leyton is one of the world's leading experts on the "fear of flying", panic attacks, anxiety, and phobias. He has had his own prime-time TV show called "Fear of Flying" on channel 4 and his techniques have been featured on the BBC & ITV news, as well as on TV shows around the world.

"Creator of the 'Fearless Flyer"

Lawrence Leyton - speaker profile photo

In detail

Following his success on channel 4, Lawrence formed a partnership with easyJet, which for those of you in America, is equivalent to JetBlue or Southwest airlines, and he developed a "Fear of flying" programme for them, which has cured thousands of people. As an entrepreneur Lawrence previously built up a very successful healthcare business which he sold in 2011. He has also helped A-list celebrities, top sporting personalities and CEO's and has been sought after by organisations across the globe including Microsoft, Vodafone, HSBC and British Telecom who have all benefited from his unique strategies.

What he offers you

Lawrence will talk through the psychological process of fear in the workplace and demonstrate "Live" some techniques that top athletes use to help them perform better and how they turn fear to their advantage. People literally can't believe how their minds have been deceived and this helps them to realise how they create their own fear!.

How he presents

Lawrence's greatest competitive advantage as a speaker is his ability to entertain. His presentation is very interactive, motivational and above all fun! It will also give a fascinating insight into your mind, whilst at the same time leaving the audience with strong take home messages.


He presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • Being Fearless
  • Overcoming Fear in the Workplace
  • The Psychology of Fear
  • Understanding Organisational Change
  • Fear of Uncertainty and Change
  • Fear of Failure
  • Self-Mastery and Motivation

Books and publications

  • 2010
    Motivational Audio Series
  • 2002
    The Six Most Powerful Sales Questions


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