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Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Technology Activist, Former Spokesperson for WikiLeaks

Daniel Domscheit-Berg (aka Daniel Schmidt) is a German technology activist and an advocate for transparency. He helped build the WikiLeaks platform from 2007 to 2010 and acted as spokesperson. He quit WikiLeaks over disputes about its strategic orientation, lack of transparency and management style. Today he is involved with various internet projects related to privacy and anonymity and furthering the Internet's infrastructure as well as running a small innovation lab. One of his projects in 2015 is to bring the open fibre broadband revolution to Germany.

"Daniel Domscheit-Berg is a former spokesperson and "number two guy" at WikiLeaks"

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In detail

Before WikiLeaks, Domscheit-Berg worked for companies in the IT and transport industry specialising in network design and security. In 2010, Domscheit-Berg started a website called "OpenLeaks" with the intention of being more transparent than WikiLeaks, but 2 years later he decided to focus on spreading information and expertise on how to set up and run leak websites rather than directly facilitating leaks themselves. An explosive book about his experience and separation from WikiLeaks was released in 2011, entitled 'Inside WikiLeaks' and translated into 23 languages.

What he offers you

A network security expert, Daniel Domscheit-Berg is passionate about equal access to knowledge and information in a globalised world. Selected as a Top 100 Global Thinker by the Foreign Policy Magazine in 2011, he shares his insights on how future opportunities in a networked and digitised world can transform businesses whilst minimising any possible risks to the security of their data.

How he presents

Daniel Domscheit-Berg is a wide-eyed and soft-spoken speaker, in great demand at worldwide events.


He presents in German and English.

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Speaking topics

  • Transparency and Privacy in a Digital World
  • The Big Picture of the Digital Revolution
  • Information and Computer Security
  • Digital Ethics
  • Transformation of Workplaces and Industries
  • Smart Homes, the Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Autonomous Vehicles
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Challenges of Human-Machine-Coexistence

Books and publications

  • 2011
    Inside WikiLeaks: Meine Zeit bei der gefährlichsten Website der Welt ("Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website")

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