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Sir Clive Woodward OBE

Rugby World Cup Winning Head Coach, Sports & Business Consultant

Sir Clive Woodward is the mastermind behind the most remarkable rugby triumph in British history, gained worldwide recognition when he guided England's team to a sensational victory in the 2003 World Cup held in Australia.

"An icon of Sport in Great Britain"

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In detail

Sir Clive is widely regarded as an esteemed commentator for major sports networks such as BBC Sport, ITV Sport, and SKY Sports, where he provides insightful analysis and expert commentary on rugby and as a journalist within the Daily Mail's award-winning sports team. Sir Clive remains committed to supporting the development of coaches and athletes and does so through his role as a member of the IOC's Athlete Entourage Committee. He is also the Director of Sport for APEX2100, a world leading high altitude performance centre at 2100m in Tignes, France and the Founding Partner and Chairman of Hive Learning, an online coaching software.

What he offers you

Sir Clive is ideally placed to explain the intrinsic connection between business and sport. He draws insightful parallels between the organisational structures of high-performance teams in the realms of business and sports, highlighting the valuable lessons that can be learned and applied in both domains.

How he presents

Sir Clive captivates his audiences with his thought-provoking, engaging, and tailored presentations. By striking a perfect balance between informative content and captivating storytelling, he leaves a lasting impact on his audience, empowering them with valuable takeaways to apply in their own professional journeys.


He presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • DNA of a Champion - Talent Alone is not Enough
  • Winning Culture - How Do You Want to Be Remembered
  • Relentless Learning - I Never Lose I Either Win or Learn
  • Tackling Change - 100 Things 1�0Better
  • The Power of Data and Technology - Whoever Wins in it Tends to Win


  • Clive was excellent. He was focused and hard edged throughout his talk and he enthralled and inspired the audience - Lloyds of London

Books and publications

  • 2005
  • 2019
    How to Win


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