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Prof. Alexander Likhotal

Former Adviser to Mikhail Gorbachev and President of Green Cross International

Alexander Likhotal served as adviser to Mikhail Gorbachev for many years and is currently the President of Geneva-based Green Cross International. He is a member of the Club of Rome, the Climate Change Task Force, the International Council for the Earth Charter, the Board of Directors of the Universal Forum of Cultures and Adviser to the Club of Madrid and has launched internationally acclaimed initiatives such as the Earth Dialogues Forum and has spearheaded Green Cross International's global campaign for the Right to Water.

"The multi-faceted crisis that has hit the world shows with a renewed sense of urgency how tightly the key challenges of environment, development and security are intertwined."

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In detail

Prof. Likhotal served as policy adviser to the President of the USSR and has held a number of academic positions, including the Northeastern University, Boston, the Institute of European Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow and Security Dialogue Journal, Oslo. Prof. Likhotal has utilised his political acumen in swaying governments about the importance of environmental agenda and under his leadership Green Cross International has grown into the world's leading environmental organization with 30 national organizations around the world.

What he offers you

As an insider of the process that brought the cold war to its end and as an influential environmental leader on the world stage, Professor Likhotal is ideally positioned to advise organisations around the world on how to lead the change in today's crisis ridden world. The biggest challenge in the next 10 years will be our ability to offset our systemic crisis with comprehensive solutions based on scientific knowledge, focusing on the problem itself and not on usual political agendas.

How he presents

Tailoring his engaging presentations to focus on individual clients' objectives Prof. Likhotal uses numerous examples of strong leadership and effective decision making to inspire and challenge audiences the world over.


He presents in Russian and English.

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Speaking topics

  • Know Your Enemy! Global Security Challenges
  • Global Governance: Governing the Changes Happening Today
  • The Future of Nuclear Energy
  • Fukushima vs. Chernobyl
  • The Key Challenges for the Next 10 Years; What are the Solutions?
  • Transforming Threats into Opportunities: Climate Change and its Political and Business Implications
  • Global Water Crisis - Lacking Resource or Missing Vision?
  • Green Energy: Indulging in Daydream or Escaping a Nightmare?

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