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Ulrich Walter

Astronaut & Professor of Spacefare Technology

Prof. Ulrich Walter successfully completed his assignment as a science astronaut and research specialist for the German D-2 Mission. He is living the dream of many scientists having travelled in space for 10 days on board the Space Shuttle Columbia and the European Space Station.

"Space travel opens really completely new horizons. It unites humans and at the same time different ways of thinking."

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In detail

Since March 2003, he is heading of the Department of Astronautics at the Technical University of Munich and teaches and conducts research in the field of applied space technology and systems engineering. His focus is on real-time and service robotics using AI, in particular robotics assistance for the elderly (geriatronics). He researches and teaches systems engineering, the empirical science of developing and optimizing complex products and processes in companies. As a trained project manager, he advises companies worldwide in this field, especially in the areas of quality and risk management. Since 2016 he hosts the weekly space documentary SpaceTimes in the German News Channel WeltTV evening program, also available on youtube.

What he offers you

Prof. Walter speaks knowledgeably about new technologies and space flight, Dr Walter offers audiences deep insight into the physical and mental preparation and the self-motivation required to become an astronaut.

How he presents

Dr Walter inspires audiences with his highly engaging presentations lavishly illustrated with photos from his voyage into space.


Dr Walter presents in German or English.

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Speaking topics

  • Disruptive Innovations - What Lies Ahead?
  • How Intelligent is Artificial Intelligence?
  • From Vision to Mission - Proven Project Management for Your Business
  • In 90 Minutes around the World
  • Traveling Space with Einstein - Why Astronauts Stay Younger in Space!
  • Spin Offs - The Power of Space
  • The Future of Mankind in Space
  • Are We Alone in the Universe?
  • One Team, One Dream - Risks Included

Books and publications

  • 2019
    Astronautics: The Physics of Space Flight
  • 2002
    At Home in the Universe
  • 2001
    Civilizations in Space
  • Extraterrestrials and Astronauts
  • 2000
    Mission Earth

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