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Ruby Wax

TV Personality and Leadership Facilitator

Ruby is upfront, sassy and with a reputation for posing questions no one else would think to ask. After three decades working on stage, TV and radio, Ruby Wax now provides workshops to corporate leaders enabling them to come to a deeper and more direct level of communication with their clients and colleagues.

"Often provocative and sometimes controversial Ruby has become one of the most recognised television personalities of recent times"

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In detail

After arriving in Britain in 1977 and training as an actress, Ruby began her career acting with the Royal Shakespeare Company before developing her own brand of highly amusing "attitude TV". In addition to performing and presenting Ruby has contributed, written and edited numerous scripts for TV shows such as French and Saunders, Happy Families and Absolutely Fabulous. With her outrageous show, Ruby Wax Meets, she has broken all the rules and conventions and created some of TV's most memorable moments.

What she offers you

Having performed stand-up comedy and toured extensively, her TV shows get under the skin of celebrity and seek out the wackier side of life. She is in demand, not only for dinner speaking and entertainment, but also moderating conferences, where a sharp brain, wittiness and humour is of essence. Her workshops combine humour with scientific and theoretical learning and practical exercises. Participants leave with a set of tools to help create a climate of positivity and creating more effective teams of people.

How she presents

Ruby is amusing, engaging and open. Her brash style has been described as refreshing, charming, endearing and very funny.


She presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • Mindfulness and Neuroscience: How the Mind Works
  • How to Keep a Clear Mind in a World Full of Mental Fog
  • Clear Company Culture
  • Staying Unfrazzled in a Frazzled World
  • Communication Workshops
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Leadership Facilitator
  • Host


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