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Ken Livingstone

Mayor of London from 2000 - 2008

Ken Livingstone was elected Mayor of London in 2000, the first person to hold this office. In this career he has established a reputation for doing what was right for London, from leading the way in challenging discrimination at the Greater London Council to the groundbreaking introduction of the congestion charge.

"Ken Livingstone has undeniably made his mark as a strong civic leader and visionary figurehead for the British capital"

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In detail

During his 8 year tenure as Mayor, Ken Livingstone introduced many initiatives that were designed to improve the living conditions and mobility of the London population, including the revolutionary congestion charge and a smartcard ticketing system for the transport network. He also helped win the 2012 Olympics for London and steered London through the horror of the 7/7 terrorist attacks. Ken currently co-hosts a radio phone-show on LBC 97.3 on Saturday mornings and has starred on the BBC's Have I Got News For You on numerous occasions.

What he offers you

Often controversial, Ken Livingstone delivers illuminating opinions that provoke debate and consideration with an accent on the future. He talks about a variety of topics from leading the way in challenging discrimination at the Greater London Council, to the groundbreaking introduction of the congestion charge to his policies for dealing with climate change today.

How he presents

Incisive opinions delivered with conviction and humour guarantee the audience memorable experiences. Ken is a truly authoritative and entertaining speaker with a wealth of hands-on experience. Charismatic and unforgettable, he makes a powerful impact on audiences with his inspiring mix of cutting-edge ideas, common-sense insights and revealing anecdotes.


He presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • Transformational Leadership
  • The Political Landscape
  • Driving Change
  • Environment

Books and publications

  • 2011
    You Can't Say That
  • 1989
    Livingstone's Labour
  • 1987
    If Voting Changed Anything They'd Abolish It

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