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John Amaechi OBE

Organisational Consultant, Psychologist and Former NBA Star

John Amaechi OBE is an organisational consultant, psychologist, social entrepreneur and best-selling author. As a consultant he uses his psychology background to analyse personnel and strategy, facilitating intra-organisational communication and tackling problems that diminish work-place cohesion and performance. As a speaker he uses his psychology background to talk about how to create a winning culture which allows everyone to achieve their potential.

"I would be upset if you could define me"

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In detail

John's story started at the age of 17 when he picked up a basketball for the first time. Considered 'not athletic enough', 'too late to the game' and hampered by a severe injury, he went on to become an NBA star just 6 years later. Giving credence to his belief that ordinary people can become extraordinary. He remains the first and only Briton to have his jersey hung in the US Basketball Hall of Fame. On retirement from sport John pursued a PhD in psychology and has become a highly regarded speaker, addressing blue chip corporations throughout Europe and the US. John is Vice President of the English Federation of Disability Sport, a global ambassador for Amnesty International and sits on the Diversity Board of LOCOG.

What he offers you

Drawing from all areas of life and experience John delivers strongly motivational messages on the themes of self-identity and communication, and the impact they have on leadership, culture and performance. He has created a diagnostic process that allows clients to get to the heart of their challenges and set new targets.

How he presents

In everything John does he forces audiences to step outside of the everyday, poses hard questions, and personally challenges each member of the audience to create the best conditions for themselves and others to thrive. His speeches are powerful, moving and well-informed. His unique presence and charisma adds prestige to any event.


He presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Performance
  • Workplace Culture, Communication and Cohesion
  • Functional Diversity vs. Box Ticking
  • After Dinner
  • Host and Awards

Books and publications

  • 2008
    Man in the Middle: My Life in and Out of Bounds

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