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Dr. Hans-Peter Martin

Author of 'Die Globalisierungsfalle' (The Global Trap)

Hans-Peter Martin is an experienced political journalist. Dr. Hans-Peter Martin has been Foreign Policy Editor of the German news magazine Der Spiegel since 1986, and has worked as foreign correspondent for the magazine in South America, Vienna and Prague. Since 1999 he is a member of the European Parliament (independent) and responsible for research and development of trade and industry and for new reforms for Europe. He is also the representative of the EP (European Parliament) for EU entry negotiations with the Slovak Government.

Martin's books have been critically acclaimed as well as best-sellers.

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In detail

Dr. Martin was awarded a scholarship in California (Acalanes High School Lafayette), and attained a Doctorate in Law and Political Science in Vienna in 1984. A freelance writer, he has published several books 'Bitter Pills' has been printed in 7 languages and has sold over 2 million copies worldwide. His book 'The Global Trap - The Assault on Democracy and Prosperity', became an instant best-seller (since publication in late 1996, it has been reprinted 13 times and has been translated into 19 languages). He was awarded the Dr.-Karl-Renner-Award for Journalism and the Bruno-Kreisky-Award for the Best Political Book. He is an associate member of the Club of Rome.

What he offers you

Dr. Martin, Doctor of Jurisprudence, offers some realistic alternatives, and possible solutions, to this force of globalisation, one of the most important influences of our time. He gives regular commentaries for various international publications, and has worked for the BBC World Services. He is one of Europe's most successful non-fiction writers, on the bestseller-lists in Germany for many years, more than 6.5 billion books sold worldwide, which have been translated into 28 languages.

How he presents

An incisive speaker, Dr. Martin offers provocative and critical insights into the economic, financial, political and industrial worlds.


He presents in English, German and Portuguese.

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Speaking topics

  • A Provocative View of Globalisation
  • Globalisation and the Financial Markets
  • The Future of National Sovereignty
  • The European Alternative

Books and publications

  • 2003
    At least they could want - An Inside View on Politics
  • 1996
    Die Globalisierungsfalle - Der Angriff auf Demokratie und Wohlstand ('The Global Trap - The Assault on Democracy and Prosperity') co-authored with Harald Schumann.
  • 1989
    Kursbuch Gesundheit ('The Road to Health')
  • 1983
    Bittere Pillen - Nutzen und Risiken der Arzneimittel. Ein kritischer Ratgeber. ('Bitter Pills') (90 editions so far)
  • 1981
    Gesunde Geschäfte ('Healthy Businesses')
  • 1979
    Nachtschicht ('Night Shift')

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