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Hamish McRae

Prominent Economist and Futurist

Hamish is a distinguished British economist, accomplished author, and respected journalist renowned for his insightful contributions in the realm of economics and business analysis. Author of the acclaimed bestseller "The World in 2020", Hamish is Associate Editor of The Independent Newspaper, Principal Commentator for the Independent Online and Columnist for the Evening Standard..

A proven visionary of the global economy

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In detail

Hamish was educated at Fettes College, Edinburgh and has an MA in Economics and Political Science from Trinity College, Dublin. He started his career as Deputy Editor of The Banker and Editor of Euromoney, before becoming Financial Editor of The Guardian. He has been named Business and Finance Journalist of the Year by the British Press Awards. Hamish has contributed to various reputable newspapers and publications, including The Independent and The Economist. His expertise lies in dissecting global economic trends, forecasting the impact of technological advancements, and offering thought-provoking insights into the future of society. His reputation as an author has been solidified through his books, which often explore long-term trends and their implications for the future. His works are characterised by a forward-thinking perspective that takes into account the evolving nature of economies and societies.

What he offers you

In a corporate world often shrouded in uncertainty, Hamish emerges as a reliable source of lucidity, simplifying the intricate and fostering an environment of poised comprehension.

How he presents

In a light and relaxed way, he illuminates complex issues with great clarity.


He presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • Globalisation
  • The World in 2020
  • The Global Economy
  • The Rise of the Asian
  • Technology
  • Demography
  • Energy Markets and Resources


  • Hamish was extremely well received and he tailored his presentation perfectly - Global Management Consultants

Books and publications

  • 2019
    Capital City - London as a Financial Centre
  • 2010
    What Works: Success in Stressful Times
  • 1994
    The World in 2020 - Power, Culture and Prosperity: A Vision of the Future


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