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Frances Edmonds

Best-selling Author, Broadcaster, Moderator & Authority on Cross-Cultural Communication

As an international keynote speaker and an acknowledged expert in the area of cross-cultural communication Frances Edmonds is thought provoking, controversial and enthusiastic and her presentations constantly receive top ratings. Frances is a talented author whose best-seller 'Another Bloody Tour' launched her into her present career as writer, broadcaster, moderator, lecturer and speaker.

"Britain's most entertaining female speaker" The Times

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In detail

Frances joined the Commission of the EU in Brussels as an international conference interpreter and worked for over a decade to facilitate communication and cooperation within all the major international organisations. Honorary fellow of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs for her promotion of British business interests, she is a regular contributor to a wide range of publications. She has wide experience on radio and television, hosting programmes as diverse as Women on Top, Men Behaving Sadly, A Game of Two Halves and The Greatest and appearing on programmes ranging from Question Time to Question of Sport.

What she offers you

Frances genuinely understands business issues and draws on her own experiences in developing a highly successful construction company to deliver relevant and realistic strategies for personal and professional fulfilment. Her gift is to inspire audiences of diverse cultural, national and social backgrounds to recognise and transcend their differences in pursuit of higher, common objectives.

How she presents

Trained to perform under pressure, Frances' unique linguistic, creative and business background combined with an iconoclastic sense of humour are key to her enduring popularity as an enthusiastic, humorous and motivational speaker and brilliant moderator.


Frances presents in English, Spanish, Italian and French.

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Speaking topics

  • Cross-cultural Communication
  • Humour/Sport
  • Motivation/Personal Success and Fulfilment
  • Customer Service
  • Moderator

Books and publications

  • 2002
    Wining the Game of Life
  • 2001
    Well Being
  • 1996
  • 1995
    Star of Heaven
  • 1993
    Samson and Delilah
  • 1989
    Members Only
  • 1987
    Cricket XXXX Cricket
  • 1986
    Another bloody tour - England in the West Indies

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