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The Rt Hon. Lord Hurd of Westwell

Former UK Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary

Douglas Hurd is a British Conservative politician and novelist, who served in the governments of Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Viewed as one of the Conservative Party's senior elder statesmen, he is a patron of the Tory Reform Group, and remains an active figure in public life. He is particularly noted for his advice when the World's political map was being dramatically re-drawn after the collapse of communism and the re-unification of Germany.

A compelling power of intellect and knowledge.

The Rt Hon. Lord Douglas Hurd of Westwell - speaker profile photo

In detail

Douglas Hurd spent fourteen years as a professional diplomat. He entered politics as Political Secretary. In government, he served as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. As Home Secretary, he promoted prison reform. During his memorable times as Foreign Secretary, under John Major, he fostered better relations with the European Community. Since retiring from Parliament, he has held senior positions in NatWest, Coutts & British Invisibles. He is also a Member of the Global Leadership Foundation, which promotes good governance around the world.

What he offers you

As a result of his long-standing career, he is highly perceptive of global issues. Drawing on his experience he explores political issues and potential solutions faced by the global economy.

How he presents

Relaxed and informed, he cuts through the fog and offers persuasive and rational observations.


He presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • North Atlantic Alliance
  • Future for World Free Trade
  • Promoting Global Prosperity
  • World Economics

Books and publications

  • 2010
    Choose Your Weapons
  • 2008
    Robert Peel, a Biography
  • 2003
  • The Palace of Enchantments
  • 2002
    Image in the Water
  • 2001
    Scotch on the Rocks
  • 2000
    Ten Minutes to Turn the Devil
  • 1999
    Truth Game

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