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Bruce Mau

The Most In-demand Designer in the World

Bruce Mau is the Principle of Bruce Mau Design and founder of Massive Change, a true optimist with a practical streak a mile long. An expert on innovation and creativity, he shows us how design is improving the quality of life for millions of people around the world, and how we can, and must, extend this revolution to the entire human race. He has worked on numerous high profile projects, and is currently working on a project to build better learning environments around the world.

"The brilliance of a sustainable idea is that it also makes sense for business"

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In detail

Bruce Mau is internationally applauded for his ambition, his humour, his close collaboration with clients (Knoll, Roots, architect Rem Koolhaas), and most significantly, his unerring optimism. For over twenty years, at Bruce Mau Design in Toronto (and now in Chicago) he's designed everything from exquisite books to bookstores; and from signage systems to a museum of biodiversity with Frank Gehry. In his recent exhibit Massive Change, about the potential of design to solve the world's most pressing problems, he expanded design into intellectual territory it rarely dares to tread.

What he offers you

In his talks, Bruce Mau gives us a glimpse at the future of human civilization. Drawing on new developments in urban planning, social philanthropy, material science, radical economics, architecture and social networking, to name just a few, he provides an inspiring, big picture look that offers countless examples of positive changes, massive changes, that are reshaping the world for the better. He has lectured widely across North America and Europe.

How he presents

One of the world's most sought-after designers, Bruce Mau urges us to do more of what we love with less of what we need in his inspirational and thought-provoking presentations, often with playful statements about the visual and cultural trends that influence today's design culture.


He presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • Massive Change: The Future of Design and Life on Earth
  • Life Style
  • Visual and Cultural Trends

Books and publications

  • 2005
    Life Style
  • 2004
    Massive Change (with Jennifer Leonard and Institute Without Boundaries)
  • 1997
    S M L XL (with Rem Koolhaas & Hans Werlemann)

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