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Ben Collins

The Former Top Gear Stig

Ben Collins, formerly known as "The Stig" from BBC's internationally acclaimed Top Gear TV program, is a Champion racing driver. For eight years, he remained the enigmatic figure behind the wheel, captivating an audience of 500 million viewers worldwide with his anonymity and mystery.

"Ben's career has been touched by the unusual, the extreme and the unknown"

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In detail

The champion racing car driver has won races across a diverse arena of Motorsport. From the Le Mans Series to GT and Nascar, he was also a stunt driving expert for the last three James Bond films and Star Wars movie, Han Solo. Ben's coaching prowess extends to a plethora of celebrities, including Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Mark Wahlberg, Simon Cowell, Hugh Grant, Christian Bale, Matt Damon, and Jamiroquai's Tom Jones. As "The Stig," Ben served as the ultimate standard of speed, challenging all other drivers to match his pace, including Formula One World Champions Nigel Mansell and Jenson Button, who attempted but failed to surpass him. His career in stunt driving has also seen him become a familiar face on popular car shows like Jay Leno's Garage.

What he offers you

By sharing his persona as The Stig, Ben explains that The Stig epitomised a superhuman quality that was effortless but he shared that the man behind the mask had to dig deep for every victory. He emphasises on hard work giving results, and having a drive that will continue to inspire both himself and his audiences.

How he presents

Ben is in high demand as a speaker due to his unique career and continuing success. His entertaining anecdotes and tales of incredible stunts make for a truly inspirational talk. At its core is a story of strong commitment and an iron will that has determined Ben's position as a world class performer.


He presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • Keeping Quiet About Your Identity
  • Motor Sports
  • Host
  • Motivation
  • After Dinner
  • Teamwork

Books and publications

  • 2015
    How To Drive: The Ultimate Guide, from the Man Who Was the Stig
  • 2010
    The Man in the White Suit


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