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Drum Café

Leading Team Building & Corporate Events Companies

Drum Café is one the world's leading team building and corporate events companies and have swept the planet with their unbelievable phenomenon. Having had over 15 years associated with conference and event management few entertainers (interactive or not) leave you with the impact that 200 djembe drums do. While the Drum Café has expanded it retains its humble origins. It is about connecting people and building teams through Interactive Drumming.

"Building beat at a time"

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In detail

The Drum Café was started in Johannesburg in 1996 by Warren Lieberman. It started as an actual Café where drumming was used in a relaxed environment to break down barriers, inspire people and bring people together. Moved by the experience of communal drumming in Africa, and the passion to unite different groups of people together in South Africa's post apartheid era, Warren Liebermann developed a global team building and entertainment program along with leading motivational speakers, team builders and Africa's top drummers.

What they offer you

Drum Café offers unique and flexible corporate events customised for individual organisations. Drum Café provides drums and facilitators for 20 to 2000, with the opportunity to build energy, encourage team work, break down corporate barriers and just generally have the best time ever.

How they present

The sound of African djembe drums resonating through your own hands and the team around you will add a dimension to your event or conference that you have never seen or felt before.


They present in English.

Want to know more?

Give us a call or send us an e-mail to find out exactly what they could bring to your event.

How to book Drum Café?

Simply phone, fax or e-mail us.

Speaking topics

  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Team-Building
  • Group Sessions
  • The Dynamics of Teamwork

May we help?

To discuss how we can help you find the right speaker for your event, call us on:
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