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Prof. Pierre Casse

Leading Expert on Multicultural Management

Prof. Pierre Casse is the Academic Dean Emeritus of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. Formerly a senior World Bank Staff Development Officer, he brings a wealth of knowledge through his work on understanding cultural differences and leadership in a turnaround world. In addition to his role as Academic Dean, he holds the Suez Chair of Leadership at the Solvay Business School and is Adjunct Professor for Leadership at the Kellogg School of Management and Professor and Associate Dean for International Affairs at the IAE (Institut d'Administration des Entreprises).

"Being creative and innovative is our only way to survive and to keep growing in Europe"

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In detail

After studying sociology at the University of Li├Ęge, Professor Casse completed his post-graduate studies in Public Administration and Business Administration at the University of Southern California before receiving his doctorate from the University of Lille.

What he offers you

In addition to being an esteemed management educator and a prolific writer, Professor Casse has consulted for many international companies and organizations in the areas of multicultural management, leadership, intercultural negotiations, philosophy and business. He expertly provides an opportunity to review what leadership is all about in a very fast changing world.

How he presents

In his exquisitely prepared presentations Pierre eruditely explains with great energy how to compete in a borderless world. He also uses real life case studies and numerous examples from the world's most successful companies, discussing some of the major challenges organisational leaders are all facing today. Precise, competent, captivating, informative and, most important, applicable to real life!


He presents in English and French.

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Speaking topics

  • The Global Market and Cultural Differences
  • International Negotiations
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Managing a Cultural Change
  • Intercultural Communications and their Dynamics
  • Organizational Development

Books and publications

  • 2007
    Philosophy for Creative Leadership (with Paul George Claudel)
  • 1999
    Philosophy in Action
  • 1998
    From the Meaning of Life to the Meaning of Business
  • 1992
    The One Hour Negotiator
  • 1985
    Managing Intercultural Negotiations: Guidelines for Trainers and Negotiators
  • 1982
    Training for the Multi-cultural Manager
  • 1981
    Training for the Cross-Cultural Mind

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