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Pete Goss MBE

Yachtsman and Adventurer

Pete Goss MBE is the ultimate competitor. A former Royal Marine, he is no stranger to adventure and is perhaps best known for his heroic rescue in horrendous conditions of a fellow competitor in the 1996/7 Vendee Globe round the world race.

"Life hangs on a very thin thread and the cancer of time is complacency. If you are going to do something, do it now. Tomorrow is too late"

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In detail

Pete's determination and seemingly limitless courage in the face of danger is unsurpassed and has moved people to tackle their own challenges in life. Pete gathered together the team and sponsors that enabled the construction of the world famous giant catamaran 'Team Philips'. He has also been made an associate Fellow of Saïd Business School Oxford University. He and his team built and sailed to Australia aboard the Spirit of Mystery, a replica of a 1854 wooden lugger which was used then by 7 Cornishmen on an heroic journey to Australia to find their fortune in the Gold Rush. In 2010, Pete returned to solo ocean sailing, with an entry in the historic 'Route du Rhum' race; a gruelling 3,500-mile single-handed race across the Atlantic coming in 14th!

What he offers you

Pete draws from these experiences to offer management talks, team-building exercises and training sessions that will not only challenge individuals and groups, but inspire them to achieve beyond what they thought possible.

How he presents

A naturally gifted and eloquent communicator with a direct and dynamic but informal, engaging style, Pete never ceases to amuse, entertain and inform with his presentations.


Pete presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • Leadership
  • Dare to Dream
  • Teambuilding
  • Strength of Mind
  • Self Belief and Determination
  • Communication


  • Pete was fantastic. He gave an excellent, motivating performance and the audience was spellbound - Health Service Provider

Books and publications

  • 1998
    Close to the Wind: An Extraordinary Story of Triumph Over Adversity


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