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Kenichi Ohmae

Leading Management Strategist

Dr. Kenichi Ohmae is an acclaimed management strategist renowned for his work on globalisation and the borderless economy. He is a concert playing flutist, a nuclear physicist, would-be politician, a former McKinsey consultant and much more. He is also the dean of two private schools in Tokyo: Isshinjuku, which studies public policy, and Attacker's Advantage, which studies Entrepreneurship. He is also the Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at the UCLA School of Public and Social Research.

Dr. Kenichi Ohmae was ranked in the Thinkers 50 2007, the global ranking business thinkers.

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In detail

A graduate of Waseda Unversity and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ohmae joined McKinsey consultants in 1972 after the completion of his PhD at MIT. He spent 23 years at McKinsey where he cofounded its strategic management practice, eventually leaving to stand for the Governorship of Tokyo in 1995.

What he offers you

His special area of expertise is formulating creative strategies and developing the organizational concepts to implement them. Some of the world's most successful companies continue to seek his help in shaping their competitive global strategies. He urges executives to tap into the new global stage and its new platforms of economic power and growth.

How he presents

In his brilliantly researched presentations he vividly explains the latest trends and the increasing dominance of consumers over companies and countries and the resultant melting away of national economic borders.


He presents in English and Japanese.

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Speaking topics

  • The Future Global Economy
  • The New Global Stage
  • Globalisation and Competitiveness
  • The Borderless Economy

Books and publications

  • 2005
    The Next Global Stage: The Challenges and Opportunities in our Borderless World
  • 2000
    The Invisible Continent
  • 1995
    The End of the Nation State : The Rise of Regional Economies
  • The Evolving Global Economy : Making Sense of the New World Order
  • 1991
    The Mind of the Strategist
  • 1990
    The Borderless World

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