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Jim Steele

Leading Peak Performance Expert

Jim Steele is an internationally respected speaker and business adviser who has inspired people within some of the world's leading companies to perform at their highest level and maintain their resilience no matter what challenges come their way.

"A renowned expert in performance management"

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In detail

Following a ten-year career within a multinational where Jim was an award-winning salesman, team leader and a senior manager, he was subsequently involved in a business start-up, culminating in co-creating and managing an international performance consultancy as Director and Global Partner. He draws from a wealth of business experience having spent more than two decades helping clients, across Europe, the Middle East and the US deliver on their performance and growth objectives. Having addressed over 3000 audiences worldwide, Jim is a charismatic and thrilling keynote speaker, the master in delivering his unique take on leadership, resilience and corporate wellbeing.

What he offers you

Jim's keynote promotes a growth mindset born on the assumption that we can all become stronger, smarter and better. It challenges the limits of the potential that can often sit within organisations. He provides strategies for releasing potential and exceeding performance expectations.

How he presents

Jim's boundless energy, razor-sharp insight, down-to-earth disposition and brilliant use of humour make him, without doubt, one of the most memorable speakers on the business world-stage today.


He presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • Peak Performance
  • Mindset Change
  • High Performing Teams
  • Leaders Leading Change
  • Resilience by Design
  • Developing Individual and Team Capacity for 'Embracing Change'
  • Behavioural Flexibility
  • Communicating for Impact

Books and publications

  • 2000
    Breakthrough to Peak Performance


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