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Daniel Sieberg

Former Senior Executive at Google, CEO & Founder of iO

Daniel Sieberg is CEO and founder of iO and adviser to several other startups. He was the co-founder of a blockchain-based startup and he left Google in 2017 after spending six years there building two teams in support of journalism and serving as Google spokesperson.

'Business Broadcasting All-Star' Portfolio magazine

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In detail

iO is basically a human matchmaker powered by AI, which allows you to build a group of trusted individuals around you who can mutually benefit from the contact while providing a chance to save your memories around a new campfire. At Google, Daniel explored how newsrooms and businesses benefited from the techniques of design thinking/sprints, growth mindset and collaborative ways of tackling any new challenges. Daniel worked on Google's brand team & led global projects in marketing. Daniel was an award-winning technology correspondent & anchor/analyst who has also contributed to the BBC, Bloomberg, Al-Jazeera, Discovery Channel, NPR, PBS, Details, The Washington Post, CBS News, CNN and ABC News. His work includes reporting across four continents, covering numerous stories and interviewing many tech luminaries like Bill Gates & Steve Wozniak.

What he offers you

The author of the seminal book, 'The Digital Diet', about a healthy approach to consuming technology, Daniel Sieberg has both breadth and depth with his experiences in technology, innovation and future trends. He can speak to leading-edge developments across the spectrum from blockchain to AI to VR/AR to various verticals within those categories (industry, travel, healthcare, etc.). Sieberg has also spent the past couple years immersed in the startup world and can speak to companies and organizations of all sizes.

How he presents

An award-winning reporter & host, Daniel Sieberg has been a featured speaker and a highly respected moderator at events all over the world. With a captivating style, humour and wisdom, he entertains, informs and motivates global corporate audiences.


He presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • AGI - Artificial General Intelligence
  • Design Thinking, Growth Mindset - Are You & Your Teams Thinking Differently?
  • Blockchain / Cryptocurrency - What Does It All Mean? Why Should We Care?
  • Marketing Techniques Tomorrow - How Do You Best Reach Your Next Customer?
  • Healthy Tech and Healthcare - What's Ahead for Our Wellbeing?
  • A.I. & Machine Learning - Are The Robots Coming To Get Us?
  • News You Can Use - How Will News Survive and Thrive In The Future?
  • Immersive Storytelling - Why Should We Care About VR?
  • Why I Left Google - Taking Career Risks & Making Hard Decisions

Books and publications

  • 2011
    The Digital Diet: the four-step plan to break your tech addiction and regain balance in your life

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