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Anatole Kaletsky

Award Winning Journalist and Financial Economist

Anatole Kaletsky is co-founder, chairman and chief economist of Gavekal. Before founding Gavekal he worked for 30 years as an economic journalist and commentator at the Financial Times, The Economist, and the London Times. He is also chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, a foundation created to reform academic economics after the 2008 global financial crisis.

"One of the UK's leading economic commentators"

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In detail

Born in Moscow and educated at Cambridge, Anatole Kaletsky went on to Harvard as a Kennedy Scholar and was awarded a Masters in Economics. He was a full-time journalist at major newspapers when he expanded his activities to include economic forecasting and financial consulting. During his 30 years as a journalist, he has received many international awards and distinctions. He is also a Director of several investment companies. His book, 'Capitalism 4.0' about the reinvention of global capitalism after the 2008 crisis, was nominated for the BBC's Samuel Johnson Prize and has been translated into Chinese, Korean, German and Portuguese.

What he offers you

With his finger firmly on the pulse of UK, European and World economics few are better qualified than Anatole Kaletsky to offer expert analysis of current market trends and precise economic forecasts.

How he presents

One of the UK's leading commentators on economics, his provocative yet articulate and charming style makes him ideal for keynote speeches and he is excellent when participating in panel debates or moderating conferences.


He presents in English and Russian.

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Speaking topics

  • Economics
  • Global Business Opportunities
  • World Politics
  • Financial Affairs
  • The Future of Europe
  • Myths and Realities of Private Equity


  • Anatole gave a top quality, well delivered speech. His performance was exceedingly good - European Real Estate Association

Books and publications

  • 2010
    Capitalism 4.0: The Birth of a New Economy in the Aftermath
  • 2007
    The End Is Not Nigh (with Charles Gave, Louis-Vincent Gave and Steven Vannelli)
  • 2005
    Our Brave New World (with Charles Gave and Louis-Vincent Gave)
  • 1985
    Costs of Default

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