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Tim Severin

Explorer/Traveller, Author, Film-Maker and Lecturer

Tim Severin is one of the last of the traditional-style explorers: he has been testing theories of early migration for over 20 years and is the holder of the 'Gold Medal of the Royal Geographical Society' and the Livingstone Medal of the 'Royal Scottish Geographical Society' for outstanding services to exploration. His most recent quest has been to identify the 'real' Robinson Crusoe.

"His deeds speak to us of the purity of achievement in an age where experience has become blunted by comfort and complacency" The Times

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In detail

Amongst his adventures Tim has sailed a leather boat across the North Atlantic in the wake of St. Brendan and captained an Arab sailing ship from Muscat to China to examine the origins of the tales of Sinbad the Sailor. He has also sailed the Pacific on a bamboo raft and pursued the great white whale of Melville's famous novel among the islands of the Pacific. He has written books about all these adventures, which have won him the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award, The Book Of The Sea Award, a Christopher Prize and the literary medal of the Academie de la Marine. His journeys have also been recorded in award-winning documentary films which have become classics of exploration and adventure. At film festivals they have won prizes for Best Cameraman, Best Film of the Sea and Best Adventure Film.

What he offers you

Tim Severin creates spellbinding presentations with stories, slides and videos of his voyages, and links them to business themes and strategies which he has implemented under some of the most extreme conditions, challenging both mental and physical resources. His work appears regularly in the National Geographic Magazine and his voyages have been the subject of award-winning documentary films and a major BBC documentary series.

How he presents

Tim is a warm and relaxed speaker who enthrals audiences with his informative and fascinating presentations.


He presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Leadership
  • International Organisation
  • Tim Severin's Voyages
  • Teamwork

Books and publications

  • 2008
    In Search of Robinson Crusoe
  • Corsair
  • 2006
    Viking: King's Man
  • 2005
    Viking 3: King's Man
  • Viking 2: Sworn Brother
  • Viking: Odinn's Child No. 1
  • 2001
    Seeking Robinson Crusoe
  • 2000
    In Search of Moby Dick: The Quest for the White Whale
  • Crusader: By Horse to Jerusalem
  • 1998
    The Spice Islands Voyage: The Quest for Alfred Wallace, the Man Who Shared Darwin's Discovery of Evolution

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