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Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan

Foremost Authority on the Hidden Inner-Workings of the World Economy

Peter B. Scott-Morgan has long been acknowledged as the world's leading expert on decoding how organizations and societies really work. For more than 25 years, he has been granted privileged and often highly sensitive confidential-access to innumerable institutions, government organizations and corporations to analyse their systemic threats and advise their leaders how to respond. An extraordinary spectrum of such engagements has granted him unparalleled insights into every key component of the world economy, and has provided him with a uniquely-authoritative perspective on how the future is developing and the hidden risks that industries, institutions and whole countries face as a result.

"Peter Scott-Morgan knows the future - and he understands how to change it"

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In detail

Dr Scott-Morgan has an expert knowledge of technology, sociology and management science, and a detailed grasp of history and politics. He earned the first ever Ph.D. in robotics in the UK. Within academia he has taught numerous post-graduate MBA courses, and in business he has been Senior Vice President of a 3,500-person professional-services firm and Managing Director of a 150-person international management consultancy.

What he offers you

One of very few to gain confidential insights into a wide-ranging sample of the world economy, he shares the never-published patterns of what he observed and provides comprehensive conclusions and specific recommendations customized to each of his audiences. He can offer a mind-blowing preview of the accelerating future - that also debunks numerous myths promoted by futurologists and even some scientists. He also details how entire industries and major institutions face growing threats of their own making - including risks to numerous sectors and even whole successful regions, such as Asia and long-established organizations like the UN.

How he presents

Dr. Scott-Morgan has given more than a thousand speeches, presentations and workshops in over thirty countries. He is an engaging, authoritative and highly informative speaker who also leaves his audience with the realization that, if they choose, they have the power to change the future.


He presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • The Default Future
  • Risks to the World Economy
  • Long-Term Strategy within an International Community
  • Where High-Tech is taking Society
  • The Security of Nations in an Interconnected World
  • Global Renaissance or Global Chaos
  • Leadership

Books and publications

  • 2012
    The Reality of Global Crises
  • The Reality of our Global Future
  • 2001
    The End of Change
  • 1997
    The Accelerating Organization
  • 1995
    Virtual Integration
  • 1994
    The Unwritten Rules of the Game

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