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Marvin Zonis

Political Economist

Marvin Zonis is a Professor Emeritus at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago, where he teaches courses on International Political Economy, Leadership and Business Strategy.

He is also a best-selling author, has appeared on numerous network television news programmes, and he has also published articles in leading international newspapers around the world.

A true world authority on risk management and world economic growth

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In detail

He heads Marvin Zonis & Associates Inc, one of the most respected political risk consultancies. He is working with corporations and professional asset management firms throughout the world to help them identify, assess and manage their political risks in the constantly changing global environment.

What he offers you

With an acute awareness of politics, economics and emerging technologies, he offers decision makers the tools to be able to decide what they must do to stay competitive in the global market. He explains and analyses the transformations in the social, political and economic environment worldwide and the implications for business and public policy.

How he presents

He is a stimulating and magnetic speaker whose qualities are best illustrated through examples of his speeches and presentations and the feedback from the numerous business executives who have heard him speak.


Marvin presents in English.

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Speaking topics

  • Economic Drivers of the Global Marketplace in the Age of Political Risk
  • Leading in Hard Times
  • Threats and Opportunities in the War Against Terrorism
  • World Economic Growth and the Future of the Emerging Markets
  • The Triumph of the Markets: Global Politics and Economics
  • International Terrorism and Its Impact on the Global Economy
  • Getting to the Future: The Ten Principal Drivers of the Global Economy
  • The Volatile Middle East


  • Marvin was very good. He was professional and compelling, with relevant and interesting content - Computer Hardware Manufacturer

Books and publications

  • 2003
    The Kimchi Matters: Global Business and Local Realities in a Crisis-driven World
  • 1992
    The Eastern European Resource
  • 1991
    Majestic Failure: The Fall of the Shah
  • 1971
    The Political Elite of Iran

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